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23 February 2008 @ 06:29 am
2007:Y.I.R (Year In Review) - Life Is Still A Headache  
I guess this couldn't even hope to sum things up but I've give it the ol' college try and hope that will suffice to appease my overall unhappiness and discomfort in my own skin.  At the start of the year I was once again reminded that two of my friends were dead.  I got to see some old friends and make new ones.  I hurt myself and screwed up in school.  I got better and worked hard at figuring out where I went wrong and spent my summer attempting to correct that. My final grades were straight Cs.  Yeah, it finally went through.

I turned in my tuition reimbursement forms and waited the remainder of the year and the whole month of January to finally receive my money from Federal Express.  Once I got it, I quit, so now I'm no longer employed.  I'm relatively stress free and yet all I can think about is finding odd jobs and permanent employment else where.  I have a laptop and oodles of movies.  I have more media than I know what to do with.  My current goal is to graduate college.  After that, get a better job.  I intend to work there and save money as long as possible and then leave to some other land to get my mind right because I need a serious change of scenery. 

I still hate everyone and nearly everything.  Most of my friends are still tremendous screw ups.  Jessica's on her second kid, Morgan finally managed to get married - but not before having a kid from another screw up, Amy's about to lose her virginity on a f**kin whim and dropped out of school and got fired from her job, Rachael got fired and dropped out of school, Joe bailed out on Christianity/Catholicism only to pick up on Islam, Kristen is pregnant and single, and countless other friends of mine have been doing absolutely nothing with themselves and whatever relationships they had have fallen apart.  When you really look at how things are right now I'd have to say I'm not doing that bad.

I still keep running into shady, good-for-nothing, lying, worthless people and getting hurt in the middle of it.  Whether it be at a job, or in some sort of relationship setting...this is all that I keep running into.  This and mercy.  At school, I was told just recently that I am still missing classes and so I'll have to return to get my art therapy concentration. As it stands, I'll graduate with an art history minor, a psychology minor and a BA in Graphic Design (3.77 in that area).  I was also told that if I came back I wouldn't have to worry about classes...just books. Thank God for His Goodness and Mercy.  I'm already about $32,000 in debt.  I don't need any more.  That's why I get to come back, virtually free of charge.

I'm sick of the hell I keep pushing through inbetween and just think...as long as I'm among the realm of the living this is only the tip of the iceberg.  I'm thinking about selling blood and plasma for money.  That's right.  Not donating, selling.  While I'm on the subject, since I'm not sure if I've mentioned it in a previous entry but my car is dead.  All that hard work for a car, rushing into a purchase, to get something with a leak in the radiator that was plugged with stop leak.  I found out about it too late and the radiator blew.  When that happened along with my medical injuries that cleaned me out.  I'm not working at The Roost anymore as well. F**k people. I hate them all. I can't wait till I die.

Life is sh*t.
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