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17 July 2008 @ 10:44 am
The Latest Invasive Sh*tslide  
 This is my life it would seem. Things don't get too much more awful than this. So I'm adding it to the list of social deficiencies and unwanted issues that I'm already plagued with. Things with Lilian aren't doing too great right now. I'd say it began in December with a steady decline because she was already working way too much and we never saw one another. Then from that things got awkward from the seer pressure and stress of everything going on around us. Then we managed to patch things up but there was still tension from all the other crap we had going on. School ended. I graduated. My car is screwed up still and I have no job but at least I've sorta kinda got my health though right? So things had been relatively great/decent/good over the past while and then we got into an argument about something stupid and she mentions something to the effect that we're never going to be happy going on like this. I swear, I wish at the moment I never got involved with another girl. Check this out: life is pain right? So God put us on this earth to enjoy all that life has to offer but for the most part that's nothing good due to the fact that primarily life is pain. So with that being said there isn't a whole lot that you can get from this life other than pain. So with that hurt you get sad and pissed off or whatever and you want to give the f**k up but you can't. Why can't you quit? Cause God says if you quit then you're doomed to a life of even more pain and stress. So there's the possibility of something better but you have to survive this perpetual circle of pain and hurt and sadness first. This is so d**n stupid.
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